March 17, 2018
Status Location Gross Description
1. Available Now Monmouth/Ocean border (listing #455) $1.3M
Busy , 4 ops, hi-net, mostly PPO's, digital x-ray, dentist retiring, rent or buy condo, asking $995K
2. Available Now Bergen County (southern) (listing #448) $520K
Long established, 2 ops (room for more), net $250K, FFS/PPO, busy street location, rent $3,300 per month, ASKING PRICE JUST REDUCED TO $335K
3. Available Now Bergen County (southern) (listing #461) $535K
Long established, 3 ops, mostly PPO's, rent $1,769 per month, solid middle class area, retiring, asking $395K
4. Available Now Morris County (listing #436) $500K
Mostly PPO, 3 ops, rent $1,800 per month, digital, solid opportunity, relocating, asking $350K
5. Available Now No./Cent. NJ (listing #437) $942K
PEDODONTIC PRACTICE, with ortho and GP component, 3 ops, digital x-ray, PPO's and United Healthcare, long established, asking $695K
6. Sale Pending Middlesex County (listing #460) $812K
Long established, mostly PPO's, 5 ops, hi-net income, rent $3,011 per month, digital x-ray, asking $625K
7. Sale Pending Monmouth/Ocean border (listing #458) $540K
4 ops, rent $1,500 per mo., mostly FFS, busy location, all endo out, asking $375K
8. Sale Pending Monmouth County (listing #456) $690K
MERGE INTO YOUR PRACTICE, mostly PPO's solid hygiene recall base, Shick digital xray, seller will stay for nice transition, asking $395K
9. SOLD Hudson/Bergen border (listing #441) $700K
Known as the "Gold Coast", this practice has a superior location with good parking, 3 ops, FFS/PPO, buy or rent condo, retiring, asking $560K
10. SOLD Hudson/Bergen border (listing #425) $560K
Strip mall, 3 ops, fee-for-service, fast growing town, digital x-ray, asking $435K
11. SOLD Bergen County (listing #443) $650K
Well-to-do and desirable town, 3 ops (plumbed for 4), 1600 sq. ft, Dexis digital x-ray, mostly PPO's, hi-net, seller retiring, selling practice and condo., asking $495K for practice
12. SOLD Northern NJ (listing #432) $440K
PERIODONTAL PRACTICE, 60% net income, 3 ops, rent $1,800 mostly fee-for-service, 3.5 days per week solid area, retiring, asking $265K
13. SOLD Passaic County (listing #424) $400K
FFS and better PPO's, 4 ops, rent $2,633 per month, all endo referred out, retiring, asking $275K
14. SOLD Passaic/Essex border (listing #417) $570K
Busy location, 5 ops, 1800 sq. ft., modern, FFS and PPO, solid opportunity, asking $435K