1. Astoria, Queens (listing #503) $717K Gr. LOSING LEASE, merge into your practice in Astoria or buy and merge into listing #504 (below) in Astoria, seller will stay for transition, mostly PPOs, very active, Eaglesoft program, asking $450K
2. Astoria, Queens (listing #504) FACILITY ONLY 4 modern operatories, 1600 square feet, well know professional building, digital panoramic xray, rent $5,500 per month with a long term lease, asking $150K
3. Brooklyn (listing #489) $380K Gr. PEDIATRIC, modern, 3 ops, HOT and up and coming section of Brooklyn, asking $235K
4. Suffolk Co. (listing #483) $422K Gr. 4 ops, busy road, rent $2,500 per month, mostly PPO, many patients, retiring, asking $275K
5. Rockland Co. (listing #484) $277K Gr. Busy strip Mall, 2 op, (room for 2 more), mostly PPO, rent $2,630 per month, retiring, asking $175K
6. Brooklyn (Park Slope) (listing #476) $1.3M Gr. Modern storefront in very desirable neighborhood, 5 ops, digital, mostly fee-for-service, seller willing to stay to work, asking $1.1M
7. Orange County (listing #474) $460K Mostly PPO's, net of $300K, 2 ops (room for 3rd), rent $2,331 per month, well known professional building, retiring, asking $335K
8. Rockland Co. (listing #486) $1M Gr. Fee-for-service, 4 ops, digital x-ray, hi-net, seller relocating out of state, asking $750K
9. Westchester (mid) (listing #487) $450K Gr. Fee-for-service, 2.5 days per week, modern, All perio, and OS , most endo referred out, asking $345K
10. Westchester (lower) (listing #479) $680K Gr. Modern and attractive office, 3 ops (plumbed for 5), FFS/PPO, hi net income, all endo sent out, retiring, asking $535K for practice and $350K for co-op.
11. Brooklyn (listing #459) $1.9M Gr. Long established, 40% net income, 9 ops, PPO/FFS, busy street location, digital x-ray, seller will stay for introduction, asking $1.35M
12. Nassau Co. (listing #477) $787K Gr. 4 ops, digital xray, well known professional building in well to do town, mostly PPO, retiring, asking $595K
13. Suffolk County (listing #478) $444K Gr. Beautiful and unique building, 4 ops, mostly FFS, hi-net income, digital xray, seller retiring, asking $335K for practice and $495K for building
14. Nassau County (5 towns) (listing #464) $232K Gr. Long established, 2 ops (room for 3rd), better PPO's, open 2 days per week, rent $1,700 per month, retiring, asking $150K
15. Westchester (central) (listing #442) $430K Gr. Roomy modern office in quaint middle class town, 3 ops (4th plumbed), mostly PPO, professional building rent $3,972 per month, seller retiring, ASKING PRICE JUST REDUCED TO $265K...very good value!

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