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1. Orange Co. (listing #662) $1.6M Gr. Modern, 9 ops, mostly PPO, nets $1M, rent $5,000 per month, relocating out of state, asking $1.45M
2. Bronx (Pelham Pkwy/Jacoby Hosp)(listing #660) $700K Gr. Modern, 7ops, FFS/PPO/Union, rent $5,500, asking price $495K
3. Manhattan (E. 40's)(listing #658) $754K Gr. Modern and beautiful, 3 ops, FFS/PPO, retiring, asking $625K
4. Westchester Co. (Central)(listing #659) $300K Gr. Long established, 2 ops (room for 3rd op), FFS/PPO, rent $3,100, seller retiring, asking $225K
5. Orange Co. (listing #656) $1.9M Gr. 7 ops on Main St. in quaint town, fee-for-service, growing, CBCT machine, modern, retiring, will stay to work PT, asking $1.5M
6. Manhattan (E. 49th)(listing #643) $886K Gr. Modern, 3 ops, fee-for-service, nets $360K, rent $10K, most endo out, retiring, asking $675K
7. Orange Co. (listing #657) $665K Gr. 5 ops, mostly PPO's, busy office with excellent growth potential, rent $4,200, asking $445K
8. Manhattan (G. Village) (listing #573) $600K Gr. 3 modern ops, FFS and Cigna, rent $5K , asking $575K (FIRM)
9. Queens (listing #644) $2.8M Gr. Modern, 6 ops, FFS/PPO, high profit, CBCT machine, Cerec, digital pan, retiring, asking $2.4M
10. Queens (south shore)(listing #639) $530K Gr. ORTHO/PEDIATRIC DENTAL PRACTICE, state-of-the-art, 6 ops, digital Pan/Ceph., Itero, in growth stage, asking $395K
11. Brooklyn (Kensington area) (listing #647) $947K Gr. Modern storefront on busy street, 6 ops, mostly PPO, rent $6,500 relocating, asking $735K
12. Westchester Co.(lower)(listing #640) $380K Gr. Stand-out storefront location, 3 ops (4th plumbed), mostly PPO's, nets $150K, rent or Buy building seller retiring, asking $235K
13. Rockland Co. (listing #618) $470K Gr. Modern, 3 ops, FFS/PPO, Pan/CBCT machine, rent $3,700 per month, relocating out of area, asking $299K
14. Westchester Co. (lower)(listing #632) $450K Gr. Stand-out storefront location, 3 ops, mostly PPO's, rent $3,963, seller retiring, asking $235K
15. Manhattan (Rock. Ctr)(listing #635) $1.3M Gr. Modern, 3 ops, Fee-for-Service, rent $12K per month, seller will stay to work PT, asking $950K

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