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1. Queens (listing #594) $300K Gr. PEDIATRIC DENTAL PRACTICE, Modern 3 ops, PPO/Union/Dentaquest, rent $3,150 per month, asking $225K
2. Nassau/Queens border (listing #591) $360K Gr. 4 ops, 100% fee-for-service, rent or buy co-op, relocating out of country, asking $235K for practice and $495K for co-op
3. Nassau/Suffolk border (listing #584) $700K Gr. Busy street, 4 ops, PPO/FFS, nets $300K, rent $3,350 per month, seller retiring, asking $565K
4. Westchester Co. (northern)(listing #593) $1.25M Gr. 4 operatories, fee-for-service, 50% net income, Dentrix and Dexis, nice transition, retiring, asking $995K
5. Riverdale (listing #578) $675K Gr. PRICE JUST REDUCED....Traditional practice, 4 ops, mostly fee-for-service, retiring, asking $435K for practice and $295K for co-op
6. Bronx/Westchester (Pelham Area) (listing #530) $630K Gr. Unique and stand-out location, 3 ops, low overhead, fee-for-service and Cigna, modern, retiring, buy or rent building, asking $475K
7. Westchester (White Plains area) (listing #514) $450K Gr. Busy area, 3 ops, mostly PPO's, nets $250K, rent $2,600 per month, seller retiring, asking $335K
8. Manhattan (W. Village/Chelsea) (listing #575) $600K Gr. 5 ops, Union /PPO fees, digital panorex, seller retiring, asking $435K for practice and $1.2M for Condo.
9. Brooklyn (listing #588) $1.7M Gr. ORAL SURGERY PRACTICE, High net income, 3 chairs, fee-for-service, rent $7,000 per month, seller retiring, asking $650K
10. Manhattan (E. 40's) (listing #587) $1.5M Gr. Fee-for-service, 3 ops, rent $10K per month, long transition, asking $995K
11. Manhattan (Chelsea) (listing #568) $850K Gr. Modern office, 3 ops, fee-for-service, hi net, retiring, asking $650K for practice and $1.1M for co-op
12. Nassau/Queens border (listing #551) $610K Gr. MERGE INTO YOUR OFFICE, PPO and FFS, seller will transfer to your office and then retire, asking $350K
13. Westchester Co. (listing #574) $1.9M Gr. PERIODONTIC PRACTICE, 8 ops, fee-for-service/PPO, hi net income, nice transition, retiring, asking $995K
14. Astoria, Queens (listing #565) $500K Gr. Unique opportunity, 3 op office equipped with CBCT scanner. Located in the heart of Astoria, with corner location and high visibility. Tremendous growth achievable with expanded services and hours. Dr. retiring and asking $295k
15. Nassau County (N. Shore) (listing #562) $1.65M Gr. State-of-the-art beautiful office, HEAVY PROSTHO., 7 ops, retiring, will stay for nice transition, asking $1.25M
16. Brooklyn (Williamsburg) (listing #546) $900K Gr. Busy practice with visible street location, 5 ops, FFS/PPO/Gov't plans, seller retiring, asking $650K
17. Brooklyn (Marine Park) (listing #550) $1.1M Gr. Mostly FFS, heavy Prostho., modern, nets 50%, storefront, rent $3,500, asking $795K

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