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1. Orange Co. (listing #625) $1.3M Gr. Fee-for-Service, 4 ops, (plumbed for 5th), rent $4,000 per month, CBCT machine, nets $650K+, retiring, asking $1.1M
2. Rockland Co. (listing #624) $630K Gr. 3 modern ops, in desirable quaint town, mostly PPO, CBCT machine, buy practice & building or rent, relocating out of area, asking $535K for practice and $975K for building (with rental income)
3. Brooklyn (listing #623) $1.1M Gr. PERIODONTIC PRACTICE, 5 ops, nets $600K, mostly PPO & UFT, 2.5 days per week, CBCT machine, rent $4,500, asking $535K
4. Manhattan (Union Sq.) (listing #602) $810K Gr. Modern 4 ops (5th plumbed), PPO/Fee-for-service MOST ENDO out, rent $14,000 per month, asking $625K
5. Dutchess Co. (listing #532) $545K Gr. 4 ops, mostly FFS, nets $200K, rent $1,200 or buy, retiring, asking $395K
6. Rockland Co. (listing #618) $482K Gr. 3 modern ops (room for a 4th), FFS/PPO, CBCT machine, relocating out of area, asking $350K
7. Bronx (Fordham Univ. area) (listing #620) $1.35M Gr. 8 ops (room for 2 more), modern and well kept, ABSENTEE, PPO/Union/Fidelis/Dentaquest, nets $510K or EBITDA $206K, ASKING PRICE JUST REDUCED TO $595K
8. Westchester Co. (listing #622) $450K Gr. Desirable town, SEMI START-UP, modern 4 ops, PPO/FFS, rent $4,500, CBCT machine, seller retiring, asking $295K
9. Nassau Co. (S. Shore)(listing #609) $1.13M Gr. 4 ops, modern, mostly PPO's, nets $400K, buy free standing building, retiring, asking $895K for Practice and TBD for building
10. Rockland Co. (listing #608) $700K Gr. Merge into your office, FFS/PPO, asking $420K
11. Westchester Co. (northern)(listing #619) $1.35M Gr. 5 ops, FFS/PPO, 45-50% net income, CBCT Machine, Itero Scanner, Carestream and Open Dental, relocating out of state, PRICE $1,050,000
12. Westchester Co. (northern)(listing #593) $1.25M Gr. 4 operatories, fee-for-service, 50% net income, Dentrix and Dexis, nice transition, retiring, asking $995K
13. Brooklyn Hts/Cobble Hill (listing #607) $1.7M Gr. Modern storefront, 5 ops, mostly PPO's, growing fast, rent $9,000 per month, asking $1.275M

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