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1. Passaic County (listing #534) $530K Gr. Modern, 2 ops (room for 3rd op), PPO and FFS, rent $1,800 per month, asking $395K
2. Union County (listing #529) $470K Gr. Modern, 3 ops, open only 2.5 days per week, rent $2,000 per month, asking $345K
3. Somerset/Middlesex Border (listing #523) $420K Gr. Long established, 3 ops with room for more, mostly PPO's, rent $2,200 per month, digital xray, retiring, asking $295K
4. Hudson County (listing #518) $700K Gr. Nets $300K, 3 ops (4th plumbed), Doctor's Row, hi visibility location, PPO & Medicaid, ASKING PRICE JUST REDUCED! asking $350K
5. Bergen County (northern) (listing #527) Semi start-up Started in 2016, this is most beautiful office you may have ever seen, 5 ops, state-of-the-art equipment, Cerec scanner, CT scanner, digital panorex, open only 1.5 days per week, well to do community, asking $685K for Practice and $885K for Building
6. Bergen/Hudson Border (Gold Coast) (listing #520) $307K Gr. Highly visible location, 2 ops (3rd plumbed), FFS and PPO's, digital xray, rent $3,400 per month, owner retiring, asking $235K
7. Hudson County (listing #531) Start-up Great for PEDO or GP start-up, located in hot and trendy area, 4 ops, 1600 square feet, beautiful and modern office, rent $6,400 per month, Scannex, digital panorex, and Laser, asking $295K
8. Somerset/Middlesex Border (listing #511) $480K Gr. Long established, 3 ops, FFS/PPO's, most endo, perio, and OS sent out, booked 3 weeks in advance, asking $350K
9. Passaic County (listing #522) $600K Gr. Modern 3 operatory office, gorgeous, fee-for-service and Delta, hi-net income, all endo, perio, OS out, retiring, asking $550K for practice and $375K for condo.
10. Essex County (Newark - Ironbound Section) (listing #445) $530K Gr. Large 5 operatory office, FFS and PPO's, nets $233K, off busy street, asking $295K
11. Bergen County (listing #515) $382K Gr. ORTHODONTIC PRACTICE, well known professional building, 4 chairs, mostly PPO's, rent $3,531, 2.5 days per week, seller relocating, asking $295K
12. Union County (listing #502) $175K Gr. Modern large office, 4 ops (2 equipped), digital xray, All endo out, All OS out, mostly PPO's, very expandable, asking $125K
13. Hudson County (northern) ( listing #475) $413K Gr. Long established, 3 ops, FFS and better PPO's, many patients, rent $2,000 per month, retiring, asking $275K
14. Union County (listing #453) $775K Gr. Large 8 operatory office on busy street, Cone beam unit, mostly PPO's and 15 % capitation, rent $3,200 per month, asking $535K

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