New Jersey Listings

1. Somerset County (listing #693) FACILITY ONLY Beautiful and modern 4 operatory office, strip mall location, rent $4,766 per month, asking $175K
2. Fort Lee (listing #692) $550K Gr. FFS and Delta, 3 ops, nets $270K on 2.5 days, rent $3,151, asking $435K
3. Bergen County (lower) (listing #688) $1.3M Gr. FFS and better PPO's, 6 ops, main street, seller relocating out of state, buy building, asking $999K for practice and $999K for building
4. Union County (listing #687) $632K Gr. 2 ops (room for 3rd and 4th ops), nets, $300K, mostly PPO, rent $3,500, Itero unit, asking $535K
5. Mercer County (listing #690) $821K Gr. 4 ops, mostly PPO, nets $390K, rent $3,900, most ENDO out, digital Pan., retiring, asking $675K
6. Union County (desirable suburb)(listing #677) $555K Gr. PERIODONTAL PRACTICE, 3 ops (room for 1 more), CBCT machine, FFS/PPO's, rent $3,500 , retiring, asking $295K
7. Hudson/Essex /Bergen Co. Border (listing #678) $532K Gr. FFS and better PPO's, 4 ops, main street, rent or buy building, asking $395K
8. Bergen /Passaic Border (listing #684) $1.35M Gr. Super location, 4 operatories, mostly fee-for-service, nets $500K +++, retiring, asking $995K
9. Morris County (listing #685) $1.2M Gr. Mostly FFS, 6 ops, rent $4,394 per month, Pan x-ray, most endo referred out, nets $570K, asking $995K
10. Middlesex County (listing #680) $1M Gr. PERIODONTAL PRACTICE, 4 ops, CBCT machine, mostly FFS, rent $6,100 , retiring, asking $395K
11. Northern NJ (listing #675) $2.5M Gr. State-of-the-art, multiple operatories, busy street location, FFS and better PPOs, asking $2.25M
12. Monmouth /Middlesex Border (listing #673) $1.2M Gr. Gorgeous, state-of-the-art, 5 ops, FFS & better PPO's, booked out 3-4 weeks, CBCT machine, retiring, asking $995k for Practice and $595K for Building
13. Union County (desirable suburb)(listing #682) Semi-Start-up New 2 ops (plumbed for 3rd op), PPO, modern office building, rent $2,650, CBCT/Pan, growing fast, asking $195K
14. Union County (desirable suburb)(listing #676) $614K Gr. Mostly fee-for-service, 4 ops, 50% net income, ALL ENDO referred out, retiring, asking $395K for practice and $895K for building
15. Union County (listing #651) $700K Gr. Storefront in strip mall, 4 ops (5th possible), PPO and some Medicaid, rent $5,692, retiring asking $375K
16. Fort Lee (listing #663) $1.2M Gr. Fee-for-service, 4 ops, hi net, rent $3,617, most endo out, asking $935K
17. Union County (listing #653) $1.2M Gr. Beautiful and modern, 6 ops, CBCT machine, Itero, large office, mostly PPO's, asking $395K