New York Listings

1. Putnam County (listing #694) $876K Gr. 5 ops, mostly PPO, rent $3,350, digital panorex, net income $410K, seller retiring, asking $695K
2. Dutchess County (listing #686) $750K Gr. Mostly Fee-for-service, 3 ops, nets $400K, rent $1,400 per month, retiring, asking $595K
3. Westchester Co. (listing #689) $2.8M Gr. EBITDA $640K, modern, state-of-the art, 6 ops, mostly fee-for-service, absentee practice, asking $2.8M
4. Westchester Co. (listing #691) $750K Gr. ORAL SURGERY PRACTICE, 2 ops (plumbed for 1 more), CBCT machine, FFS and better PPO's, rent $3,661, retiring, asking $535K
5. Manhattan (Midtown 50's)(listing #681) $814K Gr. Mostly PPO, 3 ops, hi-net, beautiful building with modern office, asking $675K
6. Bayside Queens (listing #683) $600K Gr. Modern storefront, fee-for-service, 3 ops (possible 4th), digital Pan, long established, retiring, ALL ENDO out, asking $435K
7. Orange County (listing #662) $1.55M Gr. Beautiful and state-of-the art, 9 ops, PPO/FFS, CBCT unit, nets $900K, asking $1.398M
8. Westchester Co. (Lower)(listing #674) $1.4M Gr. Very busy, FFS and better PPO's, ALL endo out, 3 ops, well to do community, asking $1.135M
9. Nassau Co. (S. Shore) (listing #638) $1.1M Gr. Very busy, mostly PPO's, 8 ops, free standing building in busy location, asking $850K
10. Manhattan (E. 50's)(listing #664) $700K Gr. Modern, 3 ops, fee-for-service, nets $250K, rent $7K, most endo out, relocating out of area, asking $575K
11. Rockland Co. (listing #671) $480K Gr. 3 ops, FFS/PPO, rent $2,368, ALL ENDO sent out, seller retiring, asking $299K
12. Nassau Co. (N. Shore) (listing #679) $612K Gr. FFS and better PPO's, 3 ops, well to do community, buy practice or MERGE OUT, asking $395K
13. Westchester Co. (listing #668) $1.0M Gr. Fee-for-service, beautiful town, modern storefront, 55% net income, retiring, asking $1M Firm for practice and $500K for Building
14. Manhattan (E. 49th)(listing #643) $910K Gr. Modern, 3 ops, fee-for-service, nets $380K, rent $10K, most endo out, retiring, asking $675K
15. Staten Island (listing #641) $920K Gr. Modern professional building, 5 ops, nets $320K, hi volume, PPO/Union/Dentaquest/Healthplex, asking $495K