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    • NOVEMBER 26, 2019

    The Role of a Dental Practice Broker

    Planning to sell a dental practice? Don’t go it alone. FACT: A dental practice is typically the doctor’s most valuable and prized possession. FACT: A dentist will typically sell only one dental practice during his or her professional career. Considering these facts, many dentists choose to entrust the responsibility of selling their practices to a

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    • NOVEMBER 12, 2019

    Three Part Plan for Transition Success!

    We have all heard the old saying, “Fail to plan, plan to fail.” This is never more true than in a practice transition. Every practice transition has the potential to be a win-win proposition. A dental practice owner spends years building a dental business and a dental practice buyer spends years paying off the purchase

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    • NOVEMBER 6, 2019

    Why 2019 Might Be THE Year to Consider Selling Your Practice

    High Demand – The strong profitability of dental practices and the poor economic outlook in medicine have caused a significant increase in dental school applicants over the past 10 years. With 66 dental schools currently operating in the United States, the number of dental school graduates topped 6,000 in 2017. Combined with the rapid emergence

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    • OCTOBER 29, 2019

    The Emergence of DSO’s: Myths vs. Facts

    Myth #1 “I can only sell my practice to a corporate (DSO) because what bank is going to lend to a dentist who is two years removed from dental school, has $345,000 of student loan debt, and a negative net worth, let alone offer 100% financing to purchase a dental office?” FACT Each year, over

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    • OCTOBER 24, 2019

    Preparing Your Practice for a Sale

    As practice brokers, we often receive a call the day a dentist decides to sell their practice. In some cases, this phone call is the first time the practice owner has given serious consideration to the value and marketability of their office. Unfortunately, the doctor’s lack of foresight and planning has resulted in making choices

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    • SEPTEMBER 22, 2019

    Busting Practice Transition Myths

    Over the years, we have heard many myths regarding practice transitions that doctors mistakenly accept as facts. We feel that it’s our responsibility to dispel the following urban legends so you can make smart decisions when planning your practice transition. MYTH: Practices are typically valued at and sold for with 5+ ops in a high

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